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Breastfeeding Information for Parents

Breastfeeding Information for Parents Videos

Why Breastfeed?
The Breast Makes Milk
Baby Led Latching
Mom and Baby Come Together to Feed
Working as a Parenting Team


The Cost of Infant Feeding
Baby Latching Animation
Immune Protection Breastfeeding Provides
Breast Makes Milk Animation
Breast Compressions

Breastfeeding Education Videos

Breastfeeding Recommendations from Health Care Professionals
Dr Patricia Mousmanis - Teeth
In Mothers' Words: Five Mothers Tell Us What Breastfeeding Means to Them
Mothers' Experiences Breastfeeding Older Babies
Dr. Jennifer Abbass Dick - All Videos
Stephanie George: Lactation Consultant - All Videos

Links Found in This Course

How to breastfeed

International Breastfeeding Centre
Region of Peel Public Health

Getting Help

Breastfeeding support in your community.
Online Ontario Breastfeeding Services.

Common Concerns

Reverse pressure softening during engorgement.
Breastfeeding after Caesarian birth. (Video) (Text)
Breastfeeding multiples.
Breastfeeding premature babies.
Blocked ducts

The Early Days

Baby feeding cues (signs)
Hand Expressing Breast Milk
Breastfeeding reference chart

Everyday Life

Canada’s Food Guide
Know your breastfeeding rights as outlined by the Ontario Human Rights Commission.
Expressing and storing breast milk
Feeding your baby solids
More information on the rights of breastfeeding women.
La Leche League Canada

Downloadable Resources

Breastfeeding Matters
My Breastfeeding Goals
WYNI - Breastfeeding Information When You Need It.
Best Start Resource Centre
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