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This resource has been produced by Dr. Jennifer Abbass Dick in partnership with Amber Newport, Joanne Huizinga, and Fangli Xie from Durham Region Health Department. We would like to thank our project partners as well as the mothers and advisory committee members who provided us with suggestions on the course revisions. Illustrations have been created by Sijy Varghese. Website construction by Jonathan Butler from LiveWire Media Productions. Creators of this site are not responsible for any content on websites accessed through links in this course.

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Text Content

A portion of the content has been copied/adapted from the "Breastfeeding Matters" resource with permission from Best Start Resource Centre.


Best Start Ontario. (2011). Breastfeeding Matters: An Important Guide for Breastfeeding For Women and their Families. Retrieved October 2013 from http://www.beststart.org

Videos of Mothers Breastfeeding

Videos of mothers and infants breastfeeding included in the videos “The Breast Makes Milk” and “The Baby Latches, Suckles, and Drinks” are provided by the International Breastfeeding Centre and can be found at the International Breastfeeding Centre website at: http://www.nbci.ca

Additional Videos

Videos provided by Peel Public Health have been placed on the website with permission and can be located on their website and are available in 7 different languages. http://www.peelregion.ca


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